Oi Girl Organic Pads


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  • Naturally soft, breathable, absorbent and non-irritating
  • 100% certified organic cotton, cover and core, nothing else
  • Certified organic: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) & BioGro (New Zealand organic certification)
  • NO synthetics, chlorine bleach, dyes or fragrance
  • Individually wrapped with a biodegradable bioplastic wrapper
  • Packed in a biodegradable, recyclable cardboard box

    Includes a guide to help you navigate the options for managing your first periods.






    Organic cotton (topsheet and core), biopolymer film (backsheet and wrapper), silicone (release paper), hot melt glue (adhesive)

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    Certified organic cotton, nothing else

    • Sustainable backing + wrapper made of cornstarch
    • Soft, slim & comfy (but super absorbent)
    • Biodegrades within 5 years – in the right conditions