Using the OI Cup

How to use the Oi Cup™

Getting used to a menstrual cup can be a little difficult at first, but be patient. After a little practice inserting and removing it, it is very easy and very comfortable. Oi Cup™ users love how simply and effectively it works.

Sterilize the cup
Before using the cup for the first time each month you must sterilize it:

  • First wash your hands.
  • Bring water to the boil in a saucepan and place the cup in the water for 3-4 minutes, covering it completely. We suggest setting a timer to ensure you do not over boil your cup, as this can shorten the useful life of your cup.
  • Remove the cup being careful not to burn yourself, and it will be ready to use once it has cooled to your skin temperature.

Get yourself relaxed and ready

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Adopt a comfortable position. You can squat or sit on the toilet, or stand.

Fold the cup to make it easier to insert

  • The simplest option to fold the cup is the C Fold
  • Press both the sides of the cup to put them together and then fold the cup in half forming a ‘C’.
  • Insert the Oi Cup™ While holding the cup folded with one hand, with the other hand separate your labial lips and push the cup into your vagina and towards the tailbone or base of your spine. The cup sits a bit lower than a tampon, but not so low that the stem becomes uncomfortable.
  • Once you have inserted the cup, let it loose, it will ‘pop’ open and perfectly fit your vaginal wall.
  • To be sure that the cup has created a seal, turn it slightly by grabbing the base of the cup just above the stem.

No leaks

  • Your cup should not leak. If yours is leaking it is probably not placed in correctly or it is full. It should be placed at the entrance of the vagina, lower than a tampon.
  • You should be able to rotate it easily inside you.
  • Check the cup size, perhaps you have not chosen the right size and you need a larger one from our Oi Cup™ range. Or if the cup is not opening up once inserted correctly, then you may need to size down.
  • If none of these tips help, and you use a large size, you may need some exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Consult with your doctor. Or switch to a tampon or pad.

Avoid discomfort: Your cup should be very comfortable. If it isn’t then it may not be positioned correctly. Remove the cup and try the process again with a slightly different angle.

You may find the stem too long, generally it shouldn’t protrude outside the vagina. It is OK to trim it until you find the most comfortable length for you, as long as you don’t damage the base of the cup.

When to empty the Oi Cup™

When to remove it

  • You must empty the cup at least once every 12 hours for your personal health.
  • Once you are familiar with its use and your flow, you will know how frequently you need to empty it.
  • If your flow is heavier, you may need to empty it sooner. Typically a cup is emptied after six hours and before 12 hours after placement.

How to remove your Oi Cup™

This can be tricky at first, but don’t panic if it seems a bit hard, relax and stay calm, breathe in and out slowly.

  • Get into a comfortable position (standing, sitting on the toilet or squatting).
  • Place your index finger and thumb in the vagina to locate the stem, reach just above the stem, pinch the bottom of the cup to release suction and gently pull down and out keeping it in an upright position.
  • Push down with your abdominal/pelvic muscles to make it easier, so that if the cup is too high in the vagina it falls through.
  • Gently pull the stem until you are able to firmly hold the base of the cup. Try holding the base of the cup rather than the stem and making small movements from side to side as you roll it gently out.
  • Press the cup base with your thumb and index finger for air to enter and help release the suction.
  • Remove the cup completely, while still holding it vertically so that the content remains within it.
  • Empty the content into the toilet, or the shower if this is where you prefer to remove it.

How to care for your Oi Cup™

Sterilize and store

  • After your period is finished, we recommend sterilizing again to keep it perfectly clean.
  • Store in the Oi cotton canvas bag provided.
  • Next time you use it, you need to sterilize it again before inserting.


  • Use the cup according to the instructions in the provided leaflet and only during your period.
  • The Oi Cup™ is a product of intimate use so you should not share it.
  • For cleaning do not use abrasive cleaners or disinfectants such as tea tree oil, Aleppo or Alep soap.
  • Do not use oil-based lubricants to insert the cup into the vagina.
  • Never keep the cup in a plastic bag or airtight containers.
  • If you’re in a place with poor sanitation, ensure that you wash your hands and the Oi Cup with either cooled down boiled water or bottled water.
  • In case of burning, irritation, genital or vaginal inflammation, discomfort during urination or other symptoms that you think are abnormal, immediately remove the cup and ask your doctor.
  • You must remove the cup before having sex and remember that the menstrual cup is not a contraceptive device and it does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If you notice that your cup is damaged, you must replace it.
  • Keep the cup out of the reach of small children.

Answers to more frequently asked questions

NO. It won’t disappear inside you.
NO. You don’t need to remove the cup to urinate or make bowel movements.
NO. Your cup shouldn’t leak if you have the right size and have placed it correctly.
YES. You can use the cup at night for up to 12 hours.
YES. The cup can be used while you exercise and play sport including swimming.
YES. The cup is compatible with the IUD or diaphragm but we recommend checking with your doctor before using.
NEVER. Use the cup as a contraceptive device, it isn’t one.
SEEK. Medical attention if you have any questions about TSS or cup use.

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