Tampons 101

Applicator vs Non-Applicator Tampons – what’s the difference?

Non-applicator tampons (aka digital tampons) are inserted into your vagina using your fingers. Minimal packaging (less waste, whoop!), discreet, easy to carry and the most affordable tampon option. On the other hand, you may prefer using the Oi cardboard applicator* to guide the tampon in, so there’s no need to touch the tampon. When you’re starting out, we recommend giving both types a go, to find the one that suits you.

*Only available in the U.S

Which absorbency should I use?

Everyone’s flow is different, so we make a range of absorbencies to fit your flow: Select the absorbency rating that goes with your flow. Choosing a lower absorbency tampon can reduce the risk of TSS. If you need to change it more often than every 4 hours, try a tampon with a higher absorbency rating. If changing your tampon is uncomfortable, try one with lower absorbency, or check out other options like pads or cups.

How to use a tampon

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