Today Oi celebrates three years

Today Oi celebrates three years

Helen Robinson CE and co-founder of Oi addressed a team of those who had been part of the journey with Oi at the new offices in Albany, New Zealand.

She noted that Oi’s vision was to remove plastics from personal hygiene products, starting with feminine hygiene. "Key to our company’s growth was our awareness early on that Oi needed to be affordable for women and available in where they do their regular shopping" she said. "Periods don’t discriminate, and neither does Oi – this is a mass market play."

Oi is already the leading organic cotton brand nationally in New Zealand and is experiencing rapid growth, while other traditional products are declining. "We believe our pure organic cotton tampons and pads and the zero waste Oi Cup will become the new norm for women as they switch away from synthetics or non-organic cotton which potentially has traces of herbicides and pesticides.

In the US we are at the start of an exciting journey. The underlying trends are the same for women, and we’re now getting some real traction our store footprint and online channels" she said.

No Greenwashing.