Celebrating community impact. Period.

Celebrating community impact. Period.

The holiday season is upon us – and as we reflect upon the wonderful opportunities and experiences we had this year, it’s hard to imagine missing any, or all, of them simply because it was the time of the month. 

That is why we’re delighted to be able to support worthwhile causes in both New Zealand and the United States to help provide period products for menstruators in need so that they can live their lives without missing a beat. We want to say a huge thank you for all the incredible work these organisations do to support women's health.

Meet Dignity NZ.

Dignity was founded in 2016 on a mission to provide period products for all people without access, Today, Dignity supports over 200 youth and community groups across Aotearoa, totalling over 36,000 people to help end Period Poverty. That’s pretty incredible, if we do say so ourselves.

The more people they talked to, the more they realised that getting caught short without period products wasn't the biggest barrier about periods. The largest frustration was the unfairness. Unfairness that period products weren’t available to all people. They wanted to work towards a goal in Aotearoa, where no one misses out on education, work or anything else, because they don’t have access to period products

Dignity is creating a world of period equity through it’s Buy-One, Give-One and Gifting initiatives.

This enables businesses to provide period products not only to their staff, to help enhance employee wellbeing and make people feel more included and cared for at work, but also to those experiencing period poverty who are without access to pads and tampons


Various Impact Partners, including ANZ, Xero and Silver Fern Farms, are delivered Dignity packages which includes Organic Initiative period products, display canisters and posters in their bathrooms to their employees.

Dignity gifts the equivalent number of boxes to schools, youth and community organisations to give to people who can’t afford these items and, in some circumstances, are not attending school or work due to lack of access. 

It’s easy to support Dignity as an individual too  

We take for granted that a lot us don’t have to miss opportunities simply because we have our periods. You truly can change someone’s life by gifting period products this holiday season as you shop for yours!

For those looking for a way to support your local New Zealand community, you can shop Dignity’s Buy-One, Give-One initiative by shopping Oi products online. Shoppers on the Oi4me site can buy one and donate one. Oi arranges for the donated one to be given to Dignity.

Period give-back in the US

For those looking for a way to support their US community, you can also donate period products in the same way if you shop Oi products online. Oi proudly partners with Period.org in California to help us find worthy partners in the area to take donations, such as the LA Community Solar Fridge and Mutual Aid Network Los Angeles

What are you waiting for? Let’s go and change some lives this holiday season, Oi crew!

No Greenwashing.