Oi Girl Organic Panty Liners


Contains 24 ultra thin panty liners (individually wrapped)

Ultra-thin, naturally absorbent, and smaller to fit younger or smaller bodies – Oi Girl panty liners are perfect for light spotting, a little back-up when using a tampon, or for everyday freshness between periods.

Product Details

  • Naturally soft, breathable, absorbent and non-irritating
  • 100% certified organic cotton cover and core, nothing else
  • Certified organic: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) & BioGro (New Zealand organic certification)
  • NO synthetics, chlorine bleach, dyes or fragrance
  • Individually wrapped with a biodegradable bioplastic wrapper
  • Packed in a biodegradable, recyclable cardboard box

Includes a guide to help you navigate the options for managing your first periods.

100% certified organic cotton

  • Petite size – made to fit smaller underwear
  • Sustainable backing + wrapper made of cornstarch
  • Biodegrades within 5 years – in the right conditions
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Georgia Georgia

Perfect product for girls....

The Organic Initiative Pantyliners are a perfect product for newly initiated girls of the cycle. I love the fact that these are organic and I feel they make a healthier choice for my young daughter. Great for backup with a ****** or on light days.

Kimberley R.
New Zealand

Yet another company that cares more about extracting profit from customers than providing a quality product

I've been buying the liners for about 6 years now, and at first both the adult and girl versions were made of absorbent material across the full width of the liner. Then they switched to having just a small wedge of absorbent material in the middle of the adult version which was useless because then the top layer and bottom layers (i.e. what covers the absorbent layer) would come unstuck at the first sign of period blood, or sweat, or vaginal mucus etc and the liner would not do its job. So I switched to getting the girl version which was still a full width absorbent layer across the whole liner. Now they've changed the girl version to to the cheap and nasty wedge of material in the middle and the top and bottom layer coming unstuck when exposed to any moisture. Such a shame what was once a good company has now decided to switch to trying to extract maximum profit from its once loyal customers while providing an inferior product. I recommend trying to find a different brand of liners instead. It's a shame, because this was the only brand that didn't cause my endometriosis to flare up due to hidden plastics.

Julieta M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Hard liners

I put them on and I feel like I’m putting cupboard on between my legs. I have learned to crunch them up and open them a few times to make them soft (I bought 3 months worth on a subscription so I have to used them) but they are really uncomfortable. There are a few things in the style that could possibly make them better as the peeling backing instead of being the exact same shape as the liner to maybe finish a little before to be able to seperate them faster (I have little kids and usually when I put the liners on I’m running out the door ) And the liners are 1/3 too big I think, none of the other brands are so long, it could possibly be a nice feature but not when they are so hard. Making them a little smaller can also reduce the waste and cost of them (reduce waste as I, as many other woman, don’t need such a long length so therefore 1/3 of them end up in waste without needing to be)

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