Adult Care Organic Pads


Contains 12 extra pads (individually wrapped)

Added protection and comfort, naturally. With a bio-based absorbent core, these pads are shaped to protect, with elastic cuffs to prevent leakages. The non-irritant organic cotton topsheet is as comfy as your favourite underwear. Watch comedy, trampoline, lift your kids – we’ve got you covered.

One Time Purchase

  • Soft, breathable 100% certified organic cotton topsheet
  • Feels dry and non-irritating – even after bladder leaks
  • Absorbent core with odour control - FSC certified wood pulp and naturally derived bio-SAP
  • Sustainable packaging and recyclable 100% green PE wrappers
  • NO dyes, perfumes or chlorine bleach 

Oi! You’re not alone if you’re experiencing bladder leakage. Half of women over 50 do, and it happens to around 20% of women under 44 every month too. And while it’s common, it can be embarrassing, and stop you doing the stuff you love. So while bladder leakage often comes right over time or with treatment, in the meantime, Oi specialist bladder care products will help you get back out there and make a splash (just not in your undies).




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Maxi Plus


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Made with certified organic cotton

  • Soft, slim & comfy (but super absorbent)
  • Super absorbent plant-based core